Android 4.3 Instantly Out For Nexus 4

Android Smartphones Reviews - One of the perks of having a Nexus telephone too the stock android ROM is the charge per unit of measurement at which updates are delivered to these devices. It was but yesterday that Android executive Sundar pichai announced Android 4.3 together with today its already everywhere. Now nexus owners tin easily update to this novel flavour of jellybean spell but about of us are yet stuck on jellybean 4.1.2, fifty-fifty Samsung hasnt released the android 4.2.2 update for Milky Way SIII together with Note II yet spell the nexus community gets to accept a huge piece of that jellybean spell nosotros human face on the sidelines. If you lot conduct maintain a LG Nexus 4 all you lot conduct maintain to create to become this update is;

1. Go to settings
2. Scroll downward to About Phone
3. Tap the System Updates option

The update should start out similar a shot uncomplicated every bit ABC, this is why I dearest the simplicity of nexus devices, no long gruesome waits for updates. If you lot create become these update delight operate the comment box to country us what you lot experience almost this novel flavour of android, should they conduct maintain moved on to key lime pie, what are the changes that this novel update brings to the android experience, etc. 

Have a overnice twenty-four hours enjoying your novel flavour of jellybean.
Android Smartphone Reviews 2019  Android 4.3 Instantly Out For Nexus 4

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