Blackberry Updates Twitter For Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10 Smartphone Reviews - Twitter has in conclusion released an update for the Twitter for  Blackberry 10 users. The previous app had a lot of issues too BB10 users were actually dissatisfied too many people switched to 3rd political party apps such a Blaq for twitter
Blackberry Updates Twitter For Blackberry 10 Blackberry 10 Smartphone Reviews

The novel update comes amongst a massive alter log, lots of improvements has been made on the app inwards reply to user complains.The app straight off allows users to bring multiple accounts, too too banking enterprise gibe their DMs too then you lot tin straight off grab upward on those kernel you lot bring been missing. Other novel features include enhancements to the app's search utility, the powerfulness to salvage pictures that are beingness shared on the platform, delete tweets, thought amount conversation threads too a host of other lilliputian tweaks hither too at that topographic point that mightiness non live on apace noticeable.

if you lot bring got a Q10, Z10 or fifty-fifty the latterly released Q5, you lot tin caput upward to blackberry the world too download the app too too hand us a quick review close it using the comment section.
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