We Are Already Tired Of Bbm For Android/Ios

Bbm For Android/iOS - its been almost 3 months since Blackberry announced that their proprietary BBM messaging service would live on made available to other platforms, Android as well as iOS especially. nosotros haven't stopped salivating at the possibilities this could select of course of didactics there's already a multifariousness of  cross-platform Messaging Services available of which Whatsapp is king, nosotros tin non halt thinking nigh what this would hateful for android, IOS as well as blackberry users alike.
We Are Already Tired Of Bbm For Android/Ios

I switched over from blackberry since Samsung released the Milky Way southward II as well as i accept non looked back, certain recent developments accept made me cast a longing expect at blackberry's latest offerings but I accept remained adamant as well as my faith was strengthened when it was announced that BBM mightiness live on coming to Android this summer.

Making the saltation from i platform to the other was a difficult conclusion for me because i had most of my friends as well as social contacts on BBM as well as most of them were non yet seeing the greenish calorie-free that was Android or should i tell Samsung.You can't imagine the joy i must accept felt when i heard at that topographic point mightiness live on an chance to re-unite with my long lost contacts, i even so accept a blackberry job concern human relationship as well as I backed upwards my contacts earlier i discarded my Curve. I accept been waiting to saltation dorsum on the BBM bandwagon without necessarily having to switch from Android to blackberry i time to a greater extent than but i am already sick of waiting.

Sources accept it that BBM would live on released earlier the cease of september as well as its already inwards its beta testing phase but would it live on greeted with the same enthusiasm every bit it had received when it was announced because  i intend people are already bored of waiting, likewise at that topographic point are lots of other apps that create what BBM does as well as create it fifty-fifty better, Viber for instance allows users to brand costless calls alongside themselves irrespective of locations or network so BBM volition actually withdraw to live on impressive to succeed although they accept  features that other apps create non accept such every bit video chatting over wifi as well as BBM channels even so they withdraw to loose the application every bit presently every bit possible earlier people larn over the anxiety all together.

These are but my ain thoughts on the issue, if you lot experience otherwise you lot tin larn out a comment inwards the comment section, create you lot intend Blackberry should even so portion BBM to other platforms or they should but larn out it on their BB10 ecosystem?

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