Blackberry Smartphone Review: Airtel Unveils Novel Bbm Information Plans

Blackberry Smartphone Review - Airtel transcend service providers has unveiled a novel information programme designed specifically for BBM chatting. Since Blackberry released the cross platform application, nosotros at technerd convey been anticipating whether our service provider would practise a exceptional information packet that would back upwards the application.
Blackberry Smartphone Review: Airtel Nigeria Unveils Novel Bbm Information Plans

This novel information packet is designed to let unlimited information usage for solely the blackberry Messenger application based on the user's subscription. it allows unrestricted access for menage unit of measurement too friends to chat on BBM on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  To subscribe to the novel BBM Bundles for smartphone users, customers are to dial:

  • *440*22# for the monthly programme that terms N300
  • *440*23# for the weekly programme that terms N200
  • *440*24# for the daily programme that terms N100 

These exceptional bundles would greatly alleviate the terms of information subscription for the teeming let out of smartphone users. It too shows that Airtel all the same has an innovative os inwards them. The Service provider which has gone through then many managements has lagged behind inwards terms of innovations exactly they convey managed to outsmart their competition. In the official press release, the Chief Operating Officer too Executive Director of Airtel, Deepak Srivastava said “The demand for BlackBerry Messenger on smartphones is unprecedented too every bit a companionship that thrives on excogitation too client satisfaction, nosotros had to last swift inwards providing our customers amongst added value too farther please their BB service sense amongst the BBM packet plans. In addition, the offering volition enable our customers to sense the efficacy too robustness of Airtel’s 3.75g service”. This is definitely going to snag them or then customers inwards the most hereafter every bit many users are adopting the BBM craze past times the millions on a daily basis. 

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