15 Best Tizen Apps For Samsung Z2, Z3, Z4 (Include 2018 Novel Tpk Game App)

All Best tpk Games Apps that are running on tizen OS fifteen Best Tizen Apps for Samsung Z2, Z3, Z4 (include 2018 New tpk Game App)" /> Without skilful applications an operating arrangement is nothing. Tizen don't convey many apps compared to Android merely plenty for sum fill upwards the essential involve of a smartphone user. Then nosotros are brusk listing same best Tizen apps for Samsung Z2, Z3 too Z4 mobile phone.

TIZEN is an operating arrangement based on the Linux inwardness too it is an Open origin OS similar android, which is started inwards 2012. Actually, tizen is inwards developing phase merely Samsung industrial plant difficult for making a perfect & pop OS. Samsung announced that it volition give cash prizes of $10,000 if their apps brand places inwards top 100 most downloaded apps on its Tizen platform too Samsung pass sum $1 1000000 inwards cash prizes. Still, Samsung released ii smart watches(Gear S2, Gear S3) too 4 smartphones (Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4) powered yesteryear Tizen operating system. Company also introduces tizen based Smart TV. Here is listing of the best tizen apps for Samsung’s Z2, Z3, Z4 devices .

Best Tizen Apps for Samsung Z2, Z3, Z4

Note: tpk file extension is used for Samsung Z series smartphone (tizen OS) application package.


You tin non imagine a smartphone without WhatsApp, merely the skilful intelligence is this messenger also available inwards Tizen Store with all latest features. No uncertainty Whatsapp is a highly downloaded app inwards the footing with to a greater extent than than ane billion users. You tin role this best social media app for images, videos, too text msg sharing. We already informed that WhatsApp added video chat too condition update inwards the latest version.


This app is developed yesteryear Lenovo for wireless files sharing. This content sharing application is rattling pop alongside youngsters. SHAREIT let y'all to ship too have all types of files such equally videos, picture, documents & more. Another cool characteristic of this app is if y'all purchase novel Samsung Z4 smartphone thus SHAREIT helps y'all to transfer all sometime shout out information into the novel device. It transfers 10GB file inwards few minutes that is a large advantage.


UC browser is ane of the best browsers for the smartphone with many advance features. The highlight of this browser is a powerful downloading managing director which helps y'all to download files inwards 5X speed too it is rattling pop inwards Republic of Republic of India too Red People's Republic of China with to a greater extent than than 10 millions users. Many Asians used Uc to browse the network too download songs, pic too more. It has a large listing of websites that includes almost every plain including news, technology, movies too songs. You tin download UC browser from Tizen Store.


You already know The popularity of the facebook tin endure understood yesteryear the fact that it has to a greater extent than or less 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users. If y'all active facebook user then, y'all desire to at ane time install this app on your tizen phone. This social media app allows users to connect with friends via network too interact with photos too videos of household unit of measurement members.

5. Downloader For YouTube

 All Best tpk Games Apps that are running on tizen OS  fifteen Best Tizen Apps for Samsung Z2, Z3, Z4 (include 2018 New tpk Game App)
It is a honour winning YouTube video Downloader app available on Tizen Store. With this tizen app y'all tin salve your favourite video on the SDcard too picket them afterwards inwards offline mode. The size of this video downloader app is about three Megabytes too offers a attain clean interface.

Note: All Apps of Samsung Z series Phone(Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4) tin endure downloaded via the tizen app store.

6. Opera Mini- browser for Tizen

 All Best tpk Games Apps that are running on tizen OS  fifteen Best Tizen Apps for Samsung Z2, Z3, Z4 (include 2018 New tpk Game App)
The Opera Mini is a rattling pop browser app on Android marketplace position too Now Opera has developed a tizen version of its browser app. This tpk browser app does compress webpage thus they charge faster, acre your network connective is rattling slow. This browser Synchronize your bookmarks/History betwixt your smartphone too desktop system.

7. VLC media Player

 All Best tpk Games Apps that are running on tizen OS  fifteen Best Tizen Apps for Samsung Z2, Z3, Z4 (include 2018 New tpk Game App)
VLC is a opened upwards origin software that play almost whatever form of video formats from too also supports all well formats. It is the best video thespian on tizen Z2, Z3, Z4 smartphones after MX player, But MX Player is no longer supports on Tizen smartphones. This tizen thespian back upwards video subtitles too also play online streaming media file on the mobile.

8. Hotstar

 All Best tpk Games Apps that are running on tizen OS  fifteen Best Tizen Apps for Samsung Z2, Z3, Z4 (include 2018 New tpk Game App)
Hotstar is a most pop amusement app for India's users with a lots of TV shows too movies. With this app y'all tin picket online TV serials too streaming alive sports channel on your Tizen device for free. For some content y'all convey to larn Premium subscription, merely Premium characteristic is non supports on Tizen. Hotstar premium access may come upwards inwards nigh future.

9. Torrent Downloader

Torrent is a large file sharing platform too many people role torrent for download movies, episode, song.......more, i am hither for inform y'all nearly this Torrent Downloader managing director app for tizen smartphone. This allows y'all to download all torrent files straight into tizen phone's SDcard. It comes with a easy-to-use interface too downloading speed acceleration feature.

10. McAfee– Free Antivirus For Tizen

McAfee is a trusted safety services provider too offers mobile antivirus app for all Samsung tizen devices. This costless antivirus apps protect your smartphone from danger virus or infected applications. It also gives the mightiness to withdraw worries too spyware with real-time protection.


INSTAGRAM is a costless Photo sharing app with 300 1000000 people. This app officially developed yesteryear Facebook on Tizen mobile platform. Restyle Your Picture or video with dissimilar lawsuit too editing tools which inbuilt into the app. It provides the latest posts too images of the celebrities y'all follow.

New tizen (tpk) Games Apps for Samsung Z2, Z3, Z4

15 Best Tizen Apps For Samsung Z2, Z3, Z4 (Include 2018 Novel Tpk Game App)

Temple Run 2

The Temple Run 2 is made yesteryear Imangi Studios developers which is known equally ane of the best game developers on mobile devices. With over ane 1000000 downloads, this is a rattling pop game for one-half a decade. In this has running, jumping, turning too sliding on track. The game does non require a lot of GPU, thus it runs smoothly on your Z3 too Z4 mobile.

Asphalt 8

If your app portfolio does non convey a Asphalt 8 thus y'all are non a gamer. This game is developed yesteryear Gameloft, which is rattling sometime game developer too it also attain games for coffee mobiles. This is also costless game inwards app shop too industrial plant on Samsung Z4, Z3.


The fruit ninja game is at nowadays on Tizen, It has millions of fans on Android smartphones. This is a uncomplicated mobile game of slide too cutting type. Cut the displayed fruit too earn points is the concept of this game. This is the best time-pass game on the shop too y'all tin download on Samsung Z2, Z3 too Z4 mobile.

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