Game: Dragon Age 2 Free Download Pc Compressed Game

Game Information:

Dragon Age  2 Free Download PC Compressed Game.Dragon Age 2 Free Download.EA reported that another portion in the Dragon Age arrangement will touch base in the primary quarter of 2011. This new Dragon Age amusement is a great one. The diversion proceeds where the first amusement finished. This time you play with Hawke and different colleagues against the Darkspwan who are back to assume control over the world. An extraordinary Action RPG with a solid story and ongoing interaction, just the illustrations aren't generally enhanced than the past part and that could have been clearly much better. Winged serpent Age II is as yet a decent pretending amusement, yet in more than one way it is sub-par compared to its incredible predecessor.Dragon Age 2 is imperfect, yet none of them are sufficiently huge to darken the immense, engrossing entire of the diversion. This Hawke the slayer is unquestionably not rubbish.I am an obstinate PS3'er and I appreciated the main diversion aside from that the battle was cludgy and hard to oversee strategies between characters.This form, imho, has taken and modified the battle issues into a sensible support encounter that I find truly immersible and fun. I adored ME2 and the vibe of DA2 just hoists what they did well in ME2 to make this amusement discover its place in my library. I will in general concur with Tesseract, this may not be what the PC gamers needed, but rather it is actually what I was searching for in a rpg. I am simply disillusioned in the strategies that EA uses to stop the resale and re-playability of diversions by issuing codes that must be bought to encounter the full gaming knowledge. There are methods for attempting to stop theft without bargaining our endeavors to resale or advance titles to companions. EA you are venturing over the line.The amusement got commonly positive surveys from commentators. They commended its ongoing interaction, friends and works, however they had blended emotions about the narrating structure, and the lessened spotlight on strategies and system. Utilizing reused resources, and setting the amusement completely in one city, were broadly reprimanded. It got a more spellbound reaction from players, however more than one million duplicates were sold in under about fourteen days, a quicker deals pace than its forerunner.

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Developed & Published

Electronic Arts 

Platforms are Microsoft Windows,Xbox360

Release date 

March 8, 2011 

System Requirements Of Dragon Age  2:

  • OS: 32 bit version is required of Vista, Win 7,Win 8.
  • Processor: Core 2 Due 3.2 GHz.
  • RAM: 3 GB  at least
  • Hard Drive:   20 GB at least.
  • Video Card:  Video Memory 1 GB
  • Direct 10
  • Keyboard and Mouse .
  • Joystick (if needed)
Screen Shots:

Download Instructions:
  • At the end of each post we have given the links.
  • You just simply have to click the button.
  • Games are uploaded in Win Rar format.
  • After clicking the link button you will redirect to new blog.
  • Now,it is as simple as ABC 
  • Click the button and Download the game
  • But if, you still can't understand CLICK HERE
 Installation Instructions:
  • Download  Win Rar archives from download link given below.
  • Now,assemble all files in one folder.
  • Right click on the first downloaded file and click on “Extract here”.
  • You will need a Winrar software for extraction.
  • So,kindly first install latest Win Rar version.
  • Now right click on the extracted Setup File..
  • Open “Setup.exe” to install the game.
  • Once the game is installed, Now go to the folder where you install the game
  • Start the game via the game icon.
  • Now its done.
  • Enjoy game
Dragon Age  2 Game Free Download:
Game Setup Size:
6.6 GB

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